Explore the stunning beauty of nature captured as I take you on a visual journey of my hiking adventures. From the rugged coastal trails of the San Francisco Bay Area to the historic paths of Washington DC, these photos will get you to awe-inspiring destinations.

@Buzzards Roost Trail, Big Sur, California, United States

@Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve, in San Mateo County, California, United States

@‎⁨Mount Tamalpais State Park⁩, ⁨Golden Gate National Recreation Area⁩, ⁨Mill Valley⁩, ⁨California⁩, ⁨United States⁩

@‎⁨Sunol Wilderness Regional Preserve⁩, ⁨Sunol⁩, ⁨California⁩, ⁨United States⁩

@‎⁨California Sea Otter Game Refuge⁩, ⁨Carmel⁩, ⁨California⁩, ⁨United States⁩

@‎⁨Mission Peak Regional Preserve⁩, ⁨Fremont⁩, ⁨California⁩, ⁨United States⁩

‎⁨@‎⁨Fort Point⁩, ⁨Golden Gate National Recreation Area⁩, ⁨San Francisco⁩, ⁨California⁩, ⁨United States⁩

Nature's masterpiece - Yosemite National Park! A breathtaking blend of granite cliffs, lush meadows, and cascading waterfalls. A sanctuary for adventurers and nature lovers, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.